A Slot is a time interval when a user desclares himself available to evaluate other users. Actually, a slot must be at least 1800 minutes by default (with a granularity of 15 minutes). Campus can manage and edit the minimum slot duration. A slot can be set every day between 30 minutes and 2 weeks in advance.

An user without the advanced tutor role can’t set the user_id or the scale_team_id parameter.

An app without resource owner cannot make this call.

If there is a resource owner, the user_id parameter must be set to his id. The date intervals are automaticaly scaled to a 15 minutes granularity. If the duration exceeds 15 minutes, multiple slots will be created.

live_help Notes

assignment_ind This action requires a token resource owner scoped on projects with enough privileges or an application with one of theses role(s): Advanced tutor .

settings Params

Param name Description
id required . Must be String

The requested id

slot optional , nil allowed . Must be a Hash
slot[user_id] optional . Must be Fixnum

The user wich set this slot

slot[begin_at] optional . Must be DateTime

The beginning of the slot

slot[end_at] optional . Must be DateTime

The ending of the slot

slot[scale_team_id] optional , nil allowed . Must be Fixnum

The defense linked to this slot